Holger Danskes Vej

NB: Fonden CBS Academic Housing does not own or manage this residence on Holger Danskes Vej. Our only responsibility is delivery of inspector services. Please use the helpdesk or talk to your inspectors when they are present at Holger Danskes Vej.

The residence hall Holger Danskes Vej is situated in Frederiksberg, which is a residential area in Copenhagen. Frederiksberg offers a great variety of parks, cafés and shops. Holger Danskes Vej is close to Godthåbsvej, a street with excellent shopping opportunities, as well as Frederiksberg Public Swimming Pool.

Images from Life at Holger Danskes Vej:

Holger Danskes Vej 89
DK 2000 Frederiksberg

Holger Danskes Vej

Type of Accommodation
Residence hall with 4 floors; 68 rooms in total. There is a nice courtyard, where you can enjoy time with your friends.

"Living at Holger Danskes Vej is fun yet practical. A lively social atmosphere is fostered through the shared kitchens and courtyard where students can get to know interesting people from around the world. The residence is located close to the CBS buildings and it's a short walk from many shops as well as a sports field where students can play soccer or join the local rugby club"

Stephen, past resident

The rooms vary greatly in size. The single rooms are between 12-18 square meters and the shared rooms are between 15-17 square meters. There are 50 single rooms and 9 shared rooms available.

Bathrooms in Holger Danskes Vej are shared with one other person.

There is one basically equipped kitchen per floor. (Upon arrival, each room is supplied with box containing frying pan, dishes, cups, glasses and silverware for personal use.) The kitchen is spacious with a dining area. This area is where you and the other students can meet and spend time together.

There are laundry facilities (washers and dryers) in the building. These are located in the basement. You will receive more information about the use of the laundry facilities in your welcome letter. Laundry expenses are not included in the rent.

Internet Connection
Internet access is via cable connection. Computers and cables are not provided.

Holger Danskes Vej student residence is situated close to the CBS buildings. Travel time to CBS is approximately a ten to fifteen-minute walk. By bus, CBS is about 10 minutes away.

Holger Danskes Vej has very limited parking. It is possible to park on the street, but you can not reserve a parking place nor is it only students living at Holger Danskes Vej who can park here: Anyone living in the area can. Parking requires buying a ticket to display in your windshield, every time you park.

Housing information and rules
Please read this as soon as possible after you have moved in: Housing information and rules

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